привет Russia! My cookbook has arrived!

Every year on Teacher Appreciation Week, the families of our students get together to cook us these HUGE meals for lunch. Since our school is so awesomely diverse, every day is different. One day Asian, one day Mexican, etc. My absolute favorite is the Russian  luncheon. I don’t know that I have ever really had Russian food but from what I have experienced at school, it is pretty much the best damned food I’ve ever had.

For those of us in Portland, you either have to know someone Russian or be familiar with how to cook Russian food in order to eat any; we don’t have a single Russian restaurant. And considering how much we take pride in our “foodie” culture, you’d think we’d have at least ONE place, but alas, no. So after gorging myself to excess last month, I decided that I want to learn how to cook some Russian dishes myself (especially since I can say I know how some should look/taste).

So why is Russian cuisine so amazing to me? First off, the presentation of everything is amazing. There are so many colors and textures, from different kinds of breads to salads to tiny little cakes and cookies of all shapes. I have a natural love of potatoes and beets (which I think many associate with Russian food) but I remember a lot of light dishes with shrimp, salmon, salad greens, and vinaigrettes.

Anyway, so my Russian cookbook FINALLY arrived in the mail this week, so I’m going to attempt to make a few things…perhaps a “Taste Lindsay’s Russian Food” party should occur sometime this summer…?

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