A whole lotta stuff going on…

No – I don’t have a new achievement to update (yet!) but I’ve got progress to relay nonetheless.

First off, my pushups. Right before surgery, I did a test to see how many I could do all in one set, and I made it to 68. Then I had surgery and had to put all that on hold (and realize I would go completely backwards in progress). But even a few days after surgery, I was doing mini upper body workouts with some weights and a dynaband just to at least put my mind at ease…but it wasn’t until the last couple weeks that I was even allowed to go back to the gym (and my workouts are pretty lame). I’ve tried to sneak in sets up push-ups every other day but I was DEVASTATED last week when I tried to test myself and BARELY made it to 30. lakdjflsdkjfa!!!!! Anyway, I tested myself again yesterday and made it to 50 (whew), so not all hope it lost. I want a solid 55 by next Saturday.

Then let’s talk trip planning. My friend, Megan, and I decided that we should attempt to line up our every busy schedules and do some kind of fun trip at the end of June. We are considering going to a random city to explore (#16) but it depends on what kind of deal there is. Currently, New Orleans is CHEAP so I threw that one out. We both have been plagued with sports injuries in the last year and neither of us are in the mood for food binging or drinking or getting into skimpy bathing suits…so what’s left????

I bought a Russian cookbook but it’s not here yet. Either I’m totally blind, or Amazon sucks. I ordered it over 2 weeks ago but when I went back to check my order, it said, “Usually ships within 1 – 3 months.” WTF?! This book better be shipped directly from Russia!

And lastly, I made another quiche. Thor’s birthday was last week and he requested a quiche for his bday breakfast (with a side of Frasier on the TV). Only a man named Thor could get away with requesting a spinach quiche and watching Frasier.

3 thoughts on “A whole lotta stuff going on…

  1. Glad to see you are still at it in the exercise dept. Also glad to see Thor got his BK &Fraiser. He’s still gol a lunch,dinner coming next weekend plus alittle gift too. Tell him Happy Birthday for me.

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