#12. Learn to Make a Cocktail

Everyone kept asking me, “How do you not know how to make a drink? Didn’t you go to college?!” But I guess I was just never interested in knowing how to make a drink…99% of the time I feel like cracking open a bottle of beer, or I’d rather get a fancy drink at a restaurant as a treat. But now that I’m getting older, seems like it would be fun to at least have a couple signature drinks under my belt. I want to make things that my friends actually TASTE rather than slam down and then chase with a Mexican Pizza.

So yesterday I had a “Teach Lindsay How to Make a Cocktail Party” to knock #12 off my list. What I learned is that making a cocktail entails more than just mixing some shit together. I had promised to have mixers and garnishes ready if my friends brought the booze, but even in the grocery store I realized I had no clue how much club soda or tonic is needed for a drink. Then I was overwhelmed with all the other products in the aisle. Would I need bitters? worchestire?? onions??? creamed corn????

I made (and drank) several different drinks that were all delicious, but frankly I might only remember Cherie’s Mai Tai recipe (not only did she come with it all written down, but it was the first drink so I was really paying attention) and the White Russian. As for the Kung Fu Hustle and the crazy Polish grape vodka thing – I might need a refresher…

Of course, after tasting a million different delicious drinks, we had to go sing karaoke so the night was a double success. 

Thanks for coming, everyone! It was educational!


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