#23. Cook an Artichoke

Last week my friend, Amanda, handed me an artichoke over drinks in a bar. She then proceeded to give me extremely simple directions for cooking said artichoke.

So this week I finally got around to #23: Cook an Artichoke, and although the artichoke looks complicated, it was extremely easy to cook. NOW AS TO THE EATING, that’s I would say that’s where the labor intensive part comes in.

I trimmed my artichoke 1-inch using a serrated knife, and cut all the “chokes” off with a scissors. Then I dropped it into a pot of boiling water and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Done! But maybe I didn’t explain that this is my first time EATING an artichoke that wasn’t already prepared (on a pizza or in a salad, etc). I melted some butter and threw in some dill and dipped each leaf, but the whole scraping off it off with your teeth and discarded the leftover totally grossed me out.

Granted, I stood in my kitchen, eating my artichoke while watching the Young & the Restless since I had committed to the task, but I can’t see myself buying another artichoke in the near future. Live and learn.

On to the next achievement!


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