New problem solved

I once read somewhere that for someone to embed a new habit into their life, it takes something like eight months to make it happen; whereas it takes about two weeks to lose a habit.
When I started teaching, it became very obvious to me that going to the gym AFTER school was miserable. I was exhausted and grumpy and hated going. So a few years ago I decided to try BEFORE school workouts and everyone laughed in my face. But strangely enough it stuck.
Growing up I hated the mornings, so getting up at five was, like, CRAZY! Then when I saw that the only other people who workout that early are retired old people or total gym rat juice heads, I suddenly found a new home.
Since my surgery, I haven’t been able to go to the gym and it’s got me really down…but that being said I own a spin bike (which I’m allowed to do) and lots of home equipment so it’s not like I have to be a total vegetable…and yet I’ve become one. The first few weeks was literally laying around and developing a new schedule to manage pain, but now ive become someone who stays up late to watch Jersey Shore and hits the snooze button in the morning. I HATE PEOPLE WHO HIT SNOOZE.
So tomorrow officially restarts my habit of 5am workouts. I’m ready. I can do this.
But for those of you who aren’t convinced the morning is a great time to get going, I will tell you why working out in the morning is fantastic for a variety of reasons.
1. All the equipment at the gym is free because it’s not busy.
2. The old guys give you nods of approval when you do pushups.
3. There’s plenty of parking at the gym and no traffic.
4. You get to see the sun rise in every season but winter.
5. When you tell people you had a 5am workout, they suddenly respect you more.
6. My bodybugg has proven that I burn way more calories on morning workout days than afternoon workout days.
7. You don’t have to think about getting your workout in all day because you already did.
8. The pretty people are not so pretty in the morning, and definitely not looking to hook up.
9. You get to watch the news and then act like you are so in tune with the world when you get to work.
10. You actually feel ready to work when you walk in the door, as opposed to laying your head down on your desk.

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