Insert Sad Face Here

You know those commercials that are kind of grainy and show people staring dully out a window at other people having fun? Yeah. That’s me right now. It’s been seven weeks since surgery (as of today), it’s 80 degrees outside, and I’m still not mobile enough to go on a walk.

This lack of mobility is also cramping my style when it comes to my achievements. You could argue that I don’t really NEED my legs to read three books a month, or learn the basics of floral arranging. I would agree, except that mentally I’m just not up for doing stuff right now. Granted, everyday is a tiny bit better than the day before, but I’m spending so much time dedicated to improving my knee that I’m just not mentally ready to take on something new. Hence the absolute lack of blogging.

THAT BEING SAID, I did schedule my “Teach Lindsay How to Make a Cocktail” Party for a couple weeks from now and my friends have shown much interest (as if they need an excuse to drink!). 

My good friend Amanda also handed me an artichoke the other night for my “Learn How to Cook an Artichoke” so I was planning on doing that tomorrow. We were in a restaurant so I just stashed it in my purse, but it was pretty hilarious the looks I got from people when later I was digging through my purse at a play and out comes this giant artichoke wrapped in newspaper. CRAZY LADY!

Anyway, I’m back. I promise. I’m just not as upbeat and hilarious as usual.

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