#2: Learn how to edit my podcast without Thor’s help

If you didn’t already know, my friend Amanda and I have been podcasting for almost three years and we have relied solely on my husband, Thor’s, help for all the technical stuff. Let me note right now that it was Thor’s idea that I even HAVE a podcast and that when I said it sounded complicated he enthusiastically offered to do the technical stuff. But Thor has made editing our podcast seem like a real drag in the last couple years and I kept asking him to show me how to edit it myself. He has a degree in Recording Arts and Music (which probably looks weird next to his Economics degree on a resume) and while he continues to bemoan how annoying it is to edit our podcast, the software is far too complex for my peanut sized brain to handle.

But I bought a new Macbook Air last month and now we are able to record using Garageband and in less than 10 minutes he showed me what to do. I already handle the posting aspect so now I am self-sufficient in the podcasting arena! I even considered adding many extremely childish sound effects (much to Amanda and Thor’s chagrin) but I figured I better quit while I’m ahead.

Curious about our podcast? Here’s a link where you can listen to what we do: The Young & the Restless Recap

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