Keeping Up with the Calendar


Back in January I made this calendar so I could more easily manage/remember my goals. I’m an organizer that way. Granted, I knew there would need to be some flexibility. For instance, I bought a Groupon for a knife skills class and the classes are continually full on my available dates! I might just have to wait till summer on that one.

I also knew that I would be having knee surgery, which turned out to be last week…which throws my pushup training all out of whack! My last progress test I was at 68. “HOLY CRAP 68!” I thought. Badass! Now I’m incapacitated in bed with crutches and a knee brace so I guess I’ll probably be back to square one on that front. I have a Dynaband for my physical therapy and anytime that I do my knee exercises, I throw in as much upper body and abs as I can just to keep myself sane. 

The other thing that super sucks is that I can’t get rolling on sitting activities like building a dollhouse because my knee needs to be elevated most of the time. Hopefully by the end of the month I will be back to the calendar in a more proactive way.

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