February Savings – $692.88

Yes, it’s past mid-March but I really did save all my receipts and there were a lot of them! Logistically I was really getting ready for surgery and mentally attempting to treat myself so here goes:

GROCERIES: Strangely enough, we made an effort NOT to eat out at restaurants too much (plus Thor was working killer overtime) so I had many grocery runs, but in two different instances I saved over $60.00. Thashicray! Thank you again, Ralph, at Bales Thriftway for always doubling my coupons with ease.  I also bought some more “Go Picnic” meals online with a coupon and a one-day sale so some of the items ended up free. $214.91 Saved

RESTAURANTS: There wasn’t TOO much wining and dining this month, but I did have a day where I used my Mint820 Groupon with my friend Kristin. She’s from over yonder down in Texas so I had to take her to a Portlandia location and have her try a foofy mixologist drink. $15.00 Saved

RETAIL: We now have 15 minutes of playground duty outside EVERYDAY (ahhh!) so I used this opportunity to go to Nordstrom Rack and purchase two nice warm and fanciful coats that were 80% off each (and with our crazy weather it couldn’t have been a better choice) plus some heavily marked down hot pink heels (they called my name).  I also needed a Blazer’s Jersey to represent when Craig Smith came and visited my school (luckily they were 20% off and I could buy a kid size jersey). My friend/coworker, Angela, also alerted me to a real bingo cage set at Ross so while I spent hours looking through the store trying to find it, I also grabbed some new towels on sale. And of course, we hit the Nike Employee Store where I needed new workout shoes since I was actually cleared for running on the treadmill as part of my physical therapy. It looks like I spent a ton, but I swear I saved WAY more than I spent! $408.97 Saved

ENTERTAINMENT: Twice this month we did bingo where I had a coupon for both times. $12.00 Saved

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS: Since creating disaster kits are on my list of achievements this year, I couldn’t pass up a Groupon for both a car kit and a larger home kit (which I took to work). $42.00 Saved



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