Flemish Knots

So “Learn to tie some knots” is one of my goals for the year, but “some” isn’t exactly measurable now is it? (That’s the teacher in me talking). So anyway the other day I was rifling through a bunch of really lame donated books and out fell a random how-to tie a knot card. (And I’m going to digress for just a moment: If you are going to donate a book, school supply, or any other item to a teacher or school, please remember that we already have a bunch of old used shit. Not only is it insulting to my students when someone to donates an old busted copy of The Babysitters Club from 1986, but it becomes a giant waste of precious teacher time. Suddenly we find ourselves having to find a place for your crap and try to politely thank you but then secretly recycle/trash the item which may or may not fit in our already overloaded trash receptacles.)

ANYWAY, lucky for me these old busted books had a nugget of helpfulness in them. I recently purchased three brand new tetherballs for my classroom only to discover that they didn’t come with the metal attachment. I then purchased those only to discover I am completely incapable of tying a knot that keeps the tetherball safely attached to the rope/pole rather than flying into the kids’ faces. So I used that card to tie an “Old Style Flemish Knot.” Check that out!


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