Books of February

I have to admit that it wasn’t exactly easy to fit reading three WHOLE BOOKS into my normal nightly routine of crossword puzzles, Sons of Anarchy, and interweb meandering…but I did it. 

Normally I’m pretty picky about what I read, and when people highly recommend something I have a tendency to purposely NOT read that particular book or see that movie or whatever (example: I have not seen the Kony 2012 video specifically because everyone was waxing intellectual about it on Facebook). That being said, I was totally bored and found myself searching the NY Times Bestseller list on iBooks using my iPad (oh god what a yuppie I am!) and chose two books randomly:

  1. Shortcut Man by P.G. Sturgess: The synopsis sounded like Lawrence Sanders (you know I love me some trash) so I gave it a go. It was a super fast read and had witty Hollywood dialogue with some sex and violence, but the end was a bit cliche. Ok, the whole book was a cliche. That being said I have a feeling I will pick up another Sturgess book and I’m not quite sure why…
  2. How to Be Black by Baratunde R. Thurston: The first couple chapters of this book had me cracking up, but something just didn’t resonate with me once I was finished. I guess you could call it a satirical manual for black people, but written for everyone. I loved the storytelling he provided about his own life growing up, but then he would interject quotes from other people who clearly took themselves very seriously. The only person I take seriously is Henry Rollins. I give it a “meh.”
  3. The Odyssey – Graphic Classics: Ok ok I was running out of time and I just needed one more book and admittedly I read this one in about 30 minutes. But I had a reason! I wanted a book group in my classroom to read it and I had to make sure it was age/level appropriate! I think it’s a great introduction to kids to get interested in not just The Odyssey but also other Greek literature. I recommend it for parents and teachers alike, but if you’re a grown adult just go read the real thing.

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