#14: Disaster Kits.

Despite the many obstacles I’ve faced with transferring my blog, I’ve managed to keep up with some achievements.  Most notably, I noticed a Groupon for emergency kits from http://www.reliefpod.com. I purchased two options: one for the car, and one for work, since those are the places I feel a kit is most needed at the moment. Those who know me well are familiar with my occasional monologues on how you are most likely to be at work or on the road if a big disaster hits…these kits are simply for basic necessities and designed for the first 24 hours. After that, you’re on your own!

In addition to the basic car kit, I keep a pair of heavy duty hiking boots, several back up bottles of water, a large tarp, some rope, and a pocket knife. But here’s my biggest concern: say a disaster hits and I’m at work. Despite the fact that I’m suddenly in charge of 35 kids, our place is on the complete other side of town and Portland only traversable via bridges. I really have considered the idea of putting down some cash for an “emergency” ferry ride should shit really go down. Who’s with me?

One thought on “#14: Disaster Kits.

  1. Lindsay,
    On several occasions over the past few months I have seen Ferries for sale in the greater Northwest Region. Every time I see one I think, “Man, I could make a real mint running that thing when the big one hits Portland.” Since the entire city will be in chaos, I probably would not even have to worry about being licensed or anything. Being known as the only 21st Century Ferry Baron would be pretty slick.

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